Aramil Nailo


Aramil Nailo is the embodiment of the reluctant hero. As one of the only living Heroes of Crossroad City, his name is synonymous with greatness. But like so many others in this strange world, greatness is often heaped upon those who do not desire it.

Aramil’s adventuring career is long and grandiose. He traversed much of Majeria Proper during his exploits and saw things many never live to speak of. Hailing from the elven forest nation of Loral’eil his wanderlust set in at the “young” age of 60. He spent his early years honing his skill as an archer. Elves are renowned for their ability with the bow and arrow – Aramil possessed such aptitude in spades. More prominent than his archery, however, was his loyalty to his friends and family. While never at a loss for a quip or snarky remark, those close to Aramil knew he was bound to them. He could always be relied upon if called to help. For this reason, many a tear was shed when the young elf ventured out to make his mark in the world.

He wasted no time in doing just this. Aramil thrived on seeking thrills. The trials and tribulations career adventurers face stoked the fires of his need for exploration. After some time questing in and around the capital city of Wyldshire, Aramil crossed paths with the warrior Crolin Orcslayer. It was a perfect match; the fast friends realized their common bond and quickly became inseparable. The pair gained fame and the nickname “The Dweomers” when they famously retrieved Wyldshire’s Golem Cog from a band of thieves.

Aramil and Crolin traveled South to Crossroad City. Along the way, two became three when the drunken (but powerful) Furnok Darmordir was added to their ranks. Aramil gained celebrity fighting in the city’s Coliseum but true fame came his way when he earned the title as a Hero of Crossroad City. His actions saved the lives of thousands and, as such, Aramil began to think of things greater than himself.

The Mage Rebellion had a serious affect on Aramil. He retained his good nature throughout the ordeal but the horrors of war replaced some of his jovial attitude with weathered seriousness. Some of this was foreshadowed during his return to Loral’eil. Tasked as emissaries by the wizards of Wyldshire, Aramil and the Heroes were forced to uproot a clandestine group planning a coup in T’ir Ranor. Doing so won the elves’ support in the fight against The Black March. The political turmoil in his homeland saddened Aramil along with the knowledge his plea for help would lead to many deaths of his brethren on the field of battle

The greatest blow to Aramil’s world-view came during the climactic battle in the Holy Lands. Aramil forged strong ties with the other elves who fought at his side – the drow Oinalthalas Dorinthas and the half-elf Nyther Darken. Separated from their comrades, the three were forced to face the traitor Nathan Radcliffe in the depths of the ruins in which they fought. It was a bloody confrontation which left Aramil as the sole survivor. Their deaths weighed heavily on the Ranger, extinguishing the fire for adventure that burned so brightly in him before.

The return of the Gods and the subsequent Cleansing of the Mages found Aramil back in his homeland to help heal the wounds of war. Now a legendary hero, it wasn’t long before Aramil was forced into a unexciting and draining political lifestyle. He eventually attained the title of Great Thane of the Forest (much to his shagrin) and serves as such to this day. Aramil married Allondra, an elf maiden regarded as the most beautiful of her race. The union brought widespread peace to Loral’eil. On the surface, it would seem life for the elf flowed as freely as Essence.

But sometimes old flames have a way of burning anew…

Aramil Nailo

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