Since getting a group of adult nerds together is sometimes more difficult than slaying a dragon, or stopping the signal, or even hitting a small thermal exhaust port that is only two meters wide, please confirm if you can or cannot attend the next suggested gaming session date as soon as possible.

Alternate dates are always a possibility but in general we will move forward with a date as long as a majority can attend.

If you know in advance that you cannot attend an agreed upon date, arrangements can be made with the DM to turn your PC into an active NPC. In doing so your character will continue to earn combat experience points but will not earn any role-playing experience points.

To discourage last-minute game session bailouts that could affect other players and the gaming session as a whole, there will be a penalty if you bail of forfeiting ALL character experience (XP) and possibly no character involvement in the game session. In addition, for the duration of the next attended session that character will gain experience at a halved rate (i.e., 600XP for killing that ogre only gets you 300XP). Please don’t bail on your fellow adventurers.

I look forward to seeing you all in the next or in future sessions.


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