Divine Spellcasting

The following describes divine spellcasing limits (or lack thereof) in Majeria. The ability to do so in general is brand-new to the denizens of this world and it seems to adopt great flexibility – though many Churches would have their patrons believe otherwise. The passage below is borrowed from another campaign setting (Eberron).

…Majeria is not blessed (or cursed) with deities that walk the land and take an active role in mortal affairs (or at least they haven’t since they first reappeared to the world). Indeed, whether the deities even truly grant divine spellcasting ability to their clerics remains an open question, since even corrupt clerics can cast spells.

A cleric’s status within her church is usually more important than her relationship to her deity, who is—at best—a distant patron. Therefore, a cleric’s alignment need not remain within one step of her deity’s alignment. A cleric can cast spells with any alignment descriptor. Casting an evil spell is an evil act, and a good cleric’s alignment may begin to change if she repeatedly casts such spells, but the deities of Majeria do not prevent their clerics from casting spells opposed to their alignments.

A cleric who violates the tenets of her church or deity might risk punishment at the hands of the church (though not necessarily, particularly in regions where the church is very corrupt), but risks no loss of spells or class features and need not atone.

Divine Spellcasting

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