Holy Lands

Located on the West coast of Majeria Proper, the Holy Lands is the mysterious spans of territory feared and revered by Majerians. Traditionally, the area is rarely visited due to the inherent dangers within. The land there seems to be lost in time, filled with prehistoric terrors and creatures unseen elsewhere. Rare, highly prized minerals exist there that fetch ridiculous prices in trade markets. Because of this, many a would-be adventurer has traveled there never to return again. Of the few that actually survive the trip, they tell of magic acting wildly in the Holy Lands.

Historians believe the Holy Lands were the earthly realm of the Gods thousands of years ago. When they appeared before the people, they would do so here (usually in giant temples erected in their honor). Even though they eventually faded from the world, their powerful magics left a permanent imprint. The land ceased to age and its creatures were infused with strange powers. They became living testaments to the raw power of the Gods.

The Mage Rebellion came to its climactic conclusion among ancient ruins in the heart of the Holy Lands. Robitai attempted (unsuccessfully) to use The Spire there to ascend to the the Gods’ plane of existence. Lord Cathist was also stopped from opening a rift to unknown hells filled with frightening devils. Appropriately enough, the Gods made their triumphant return here. The event sent a shockwave emanating from the Holy Lands that spread throughout all of Majeria.

In recent times, the area is much more traversed. Clerics often travel there on holy pilgrimages. Since the Holy Lands are now viewed as less terrifying many more adventurers test their mettle there. They continue to pursue the region’s riches, escort Clerics on dangerous trips and guard archeological dig sites. The danger is no less so the mortality rate remains high.

Holy Lands

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