House Rules

This page lists the House Rules voted on and passed by the players. In rare circumstances, the DM may add one of his own in order to make the job easier. Generally, significant changes will be presented to the group for its feedback. This is a living document and can be updated/changed at any time.

Active House Rules

Attacks of Opportunity (AoO) cannot be triggered by moving out of a threatened square. This change applies to PC’s and NPC’s alike. It allows for greater flexibility on the battlefield and avoids slowing down play to determine if an AoO is triggered. AoO’s still exist in the game. They can be triggered by taking certain “common sense” actions while in a threatened square (i.e., obvious spellcasting, drinking a potion, rummaging through a backpack, etc.).

Majeria uses the Pathfinder rules for Combat Manuevers. This eliminates the need to remember different rules for bull rush, disarm, grapple, overrun, sunder, and trip. PC’s roll their combat maneuver bonus (or CMB) to make such an attack or roll their combat maneuver defense (or CMD) to defend against one. This goes for NPC’s as well. The formula is:

CMB = base attack bonus + Str modifier + special size modifier + bonuses from spells or magic items

CMD = 10 + base attack bonus + Str modifier + Dex modifier + special size modifier + miscellaneous modifiers (circumstance, deflection, dodge, insight, luck, morale, profane, and sacred bonuses to AC) – any penalties to AC (blinded, prone, stunned, etc.)

If a combatant is flanked they cannot take an AoO. This change applies to PC’s and NPC’s.

House Rules

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