Loral’eil is the large elven nation to the northeast of Maccordia. Essentially a giant sprawling forest, it serves as a perfect homeland to those elves who prefer to remain among their own kind. Residents of Loral’eil are extremely ethnocentric. Outsiders are rarely admitted and generally unwelcome. The elves do engage in extensive trading of their wares outside their borders.

A great deal of political infighting exists among the various bloodlines and factions. Internal struggles for power are commonplace in the various cities. One such struggle boded well for the Heroes of Crossroad City; they used it to their advantage to gain military aid from Loral’eil.

Essence is held in high regard among these elves. They feel it is the sole reason for the abnormally large trees they call home. To that end, they do not tap the veins below the forest regularly. In the past, they would invite Mages as honored guests to aid in projects of grander scope.

Because of their assistance during The Battle of Darmordir the elves are hailed as friends to all Maccordians. In recent years, the elves has eased their usual policy on their borders and outsiders.


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