This new class is specific to Majeria due to their special relationship with Essence, the life-blood of the planet. Mages, and Mages alone, possess the ability to shape and wield Essence to their whim.


Traditionally, Mages held lofty positions within Majerian society. As long as anyone can remember, Mages were cornerstones in the formation of major cites in all territories (save Purion). They always took a neutral stance on politics and positioned themselves only as partners in shaping the world as the Essence would let them. This outlook allowed Mages to work equally with nations of all alignments. Their goal was solely to direct the Essence as they saw fit and let it work for the people. Because of the invaluable assistance they provided, Mages were a facet among governing bodies within cities and nations (though in more of an advisory capacity than anything else). Majerians universally regarded them as benevolent, selfless beings of great power; never feared but always respected.

Little is/was known about the infrastructure of Mage society. They were quite solitary in these regards. Only one official position of authority was shared with the masses: The Great Overseer. The Mage holding this title was considered the most powerful of the population. When they spoke, it was considered representative of all Mages. For as long as there was a Great Overseer they resided in Wyldshire, arguably the most advanced city in all of Majeria. The last Great Overseer was Everett Callow; his assassination is considered the beginning of The Mage Rebellion by many historians.

The Mage Rebellion completely changed the role of the Mage in Majerian society. The affront to the people was so severe that genocide was declared against the class; this notion was almost universally embraced by all alignments. The Mage population was decreased by some 80% over the 15 years since the event. Clerics played a huge role in this as Mages are particularly susceptible to divine magic for some reason. Arcane and divine magic-users alike surmise the weakness is punishment from the Gods for the Mages’ rebellious actions.

Currently, Mages find themselves in one of two situations: as indentured servants in Majerian cities fulfilling similar duties as in the past or as “Rogue Mages.” The latter are considered enemies of the state and hunted by special groups formed by cities (or would-be adventurers looking for rewards). The Mages are no less potent in individual power since The Mage Rebellion so they are considered formidable and dangerous foes.

Magehelm is the only known Mage stronghold since the Rebellion. There is little concern for it however since it encased by an impenetrable shell of Essence. Scouts have not seen anyone (or thing) emerge from the citadel since The Second holed himself and his forces within its walls 15 years ago. Unconfirmed rumors of stirring from the area have begun to surface but all have been dismissed as wild rumor and conjecture.


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