Obsidian Points

I want everyone to start treating the Wiki on Obsidian Portal as their own. To encourage this, I have come up with OBSIDIAN POINTS! When you do stuff on the Wiki, you get Obsidian Points. Easy as that. Here’s how they work:

  1. You make an entry on the Wiki. This can be an entry into your PC’s personal journal, a suggestion for a new Wiki page addressing lore and such via the Forums or serving as Scribe (which gets you XP to boot). Other contributions will be considered as well.
  2. You can bank as many as you earn but can only choose to activate up to 3 per session.
  3. (New Rule) You may use your tokens to aid your fellow PC’s on their actions. Using a token in this fashion counts towards the 3-token per session limit.
  4. Before the session begins, let me know how many points you plan to use. Each one earns you a chance to pull from Robitai’s Bag of Mystery. The bag contains tokens that aid you in the session.

Red Tokens = +2 to any attack roll (this can used after you make the roll turning a near miss into a hit)

White Tokens = Reroll ANY roll once per session (you must use the new result, better or worse)

Blue Tokens = +5 to any skill roll (effectively making you trained in the skill for that roll)


ULTIMATE TOKENS allow your PC’s to do the improbable in a grand fashion. By trading in multiples of your hard-earned tokens you’ll receive a single ULTIMATE TOKEN. These rare gems enable your PC’s to channel great power in various forms. Remember these rules:

  1. Trade-ins for ULTIMATE TOKENS must be made before the session begins. Once you officially re-enter Majeria, the tokens you have are the tokens you have.
  2. You can bank as many as you earn but can only choose to activate up to 2 per session. These two count towards the 3-token per session limit.
  3. You may use your ULTIMATE TOKENS to aid your fellow PC’s on their actions. ULTIMATE TOKENS may only be used to aid another once per session. Using an ULTIMATE TOKEN in this fashion counts towards your own 3-token per session limit.

Master of Combat Token = Automatic Critical Hit with all damage multipliers (Spellcasters automatically deal max damage with a spell); creatures not subject to/immune to Critical Hits receive full damage as if made by a single strike; use of this token bypasses all enemy Damage Resistance (DR) for that strike [Trade in 3 Red Tokens]

Insight of the Gods Token = Automatic Non-Combat Success; if used in a formal Skill Challenge, the PC’s succeed and all XP is awarded (must still be role-played); in one-off roll situation (i.e., single Skill Check, saving throw, etc.) the PC is successful and granted some sort of advantage by the DM [Trade in 3 Blue Tokens]

Boon of the Essence Token = Immediate restoration of all lost HP, removal of all negative Status Effects, Spellcasters gain back all expended spells and PC gains a major clue to a mystery of their choice (provided by the DM) [Trade in 3 White Tokens]

Players may always trade in 5 tokens of any color and select any of the ULTIMATE TOKENS if they do not have a like set of 3!

Side Note: Obsidian Points are meant to encourage wiki-building. Please do not abuse them by just entering stuff on the site so you get points. I’m looking for quality, not quantity.

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Obsidian Points

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