Santos's Journal - Year 1

The Monastery-Year One (1 DT)

Today I was brought to a monastery by Father Liam, a pilgrim that met with my parents. He told me that the people from monastery want to include me in some sort of program to become a member of the Order of Light. I am scared because I don’t want to leave my parents. They say that the Mages are trouble, I was listening even though I wasn’t supposed to, and that we have to believe in something and that I will be safe with Father Liam. Father Liam brought me here and I met with a lot of other old men. They said that I was going to study a lot and learn about someone named Light, who was also old. It seems boring. I am going to miss my friends. I wonder what games they are playing. The old men say that I have to give away all my stuff, I’m going to try to keep writing though; they let me write.

Father Liam told me that he is going to be my guardian and that he will be working with me mostly. This is fine because I don’t much like the rest of the old men in the monastery, they seem very mean. Father Liam tells me that I am going to become a part of a very special group. All this week I learned about Light. He is the Father of us all really I guess. I had heard my parents talk about the Parents, but I never thought they really existed. Light is really nice and always tries to help people. Father Liam says I should try to be like Light in everything I do. It seems hard, but Father Liam believe in me he says. There are some other younger kids here with me, but we don’t get to play, we only get to study. There is one other boy here that makes jokes, his name is Victor. No girls here. Studying is interesting, but I’d rather be outside playing.

It was my 11th birthday today. The Priests said that we can’t have parties or gifts anymore, that we have to give up all material possessions. All you get when it’s your birthday is an evaluation if you are allowed to move on to the next level of training. I apparently passed my evaluation which means all I get to do is more studying, but at least Victor passed his evaluation too, so I’ll know someone. The Priests said it wouldn’t be all studying, they said I would learn how to heal people. That would be nice. I was pretty upset that I wouldn’t get any gifts, my parents weren’t even able to visit me. Father Liam visited me after most of the monastery was asleep though and brought me a cupcake with a candle.

Today I started my “magic” training. The Priests brought in all kinds of wounded animals and we had to heal them. It was hard. None of us could really do it. All of the Priests stood around looking at us and whispering. I’m starting to think that this might not be possible. I think the Priests think that we should be able to do things the way Light does, but I think that was a long time ago, I’m not sure if it works anymore. I learned in studies today that Light has a wife named Shadow, and a brother named Darkness. It’s weird that someone who is always trying to hurt the people you are trying to help could be your brother. I felt bad, but at least they still healed the animals normally.

Today we learned how to protect ourselves from evil. The Priests put all of us in a small room in the monastery and said they were going to let out a demon into the room and so we had to prepare a protection spell. I think I did it, because I didn’t get possessed. Some of the other kids weren’t able to. The powers of Darkness are pretty scary. A boy named Hashim got possessed and the guards had to restrain him. I asked Father Liam if that was okay to do. Father Liam said he didn’t agree with the Priests decisions, but he said none of us were ever really in danger and that the spirit got taken out of Hashim instantly. Father Liam said that there are going to be more tests and that I will have to be more like Light if I am going to pass the tests.

The Priests decided today that we need to answer questions about Light and about what is right and wrong. Some of the questions were hard, like what to do with someone who we know is evil, do we heal him or let him die. I answered that we help him anyway, and that seemed to be right. Victor didn’t answer correct and got hit with a stick. There were other Priests standing around with scrolls writing something after every time we answered. Father Liam sometimes whispered in Father Kaius’ ear when I would answer. I got hit a couple of times too. They asked me if someone killed my parents if I would get angry and want to kill them. I said I would so they hit me. Then they asked me the same question, and I said I wouldn’t. Then Father Kaius said I had to answer honestly, so I told the truth again, and I got hit again. That kept happening until I said that I was telling the truth when I said I wouldn’t try to hurt people who killed my parents.

Santos's Journal - Year 1

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