Santos's Journal - Year 13

After thirteen years serving the Light I have been selected to serve on a minor council. It is of course, a lower position, but in the great wonder of our faith, I am in a lower position as well. I have proved myself more that adept in both battle and station, and to my knowledge and my peers, even more so in my faith and demonstration of Light’s love for me through my abilities of the Light. To be fair, the meetings are mind numbing to say the least as they deal with ideals like a political theater, not a place of worship. New students must be found, then trained, fed, housed, clothed, etc. and all of this funding must come from somewhere. Luckily, Cleric Otud is more qualified to the task of raising funds for the Temple, passing the hat as it were. We dole out small disciplinary actions for young acolytes who have acted out. I have to say, passing judgment on a child for something I recounted Viktor and myself guilty of is quite disheartening. Still, I feel I shall put them on a better path. I am currently the youngest member of the council and this is the most minor of the councils in the church; I feel the itch of adventure in me, the forest still calls, and something inside me has been stirring more and more frequently; a desire to go out into the world and find its secrets.

He is now Archbishop Ruger. I always knew he would be. He is a powerful man, with a kind heart and a devotion to helping the people of Majeria. I know as a boy he seemed to be rough, even as a Primate, but he has grown into something of a father figure to me. And as it should be, to have my father figures of both Light and Ruger so close to each other now. I attended the coronation, and although he had many important people to meet, he made sure to introduce me to a few Cardinals and Patriarchs, all of whom seemed impressed with me. I thought it odd since I think of my own personal achievements as slim to none. However, it was nice to be able to be in the presence of such great men and women of the cloth, really an inspiration, something to shoot for. Ruger mentioned it was his idea to put me on the seat of the minor council, and so once again, I must thank now Archbishop Ruger for the immense kindness he has shown me. I owe nobody in this life more for what they have done for me, than Archbishop Ruger. I hope that he will serve the Light for as long as he can, for truly, Majeria is better for it.

Today a young acolyte approached me and asked me about tranquils, if they were real or now. The young man must have been around seventeen, which made sense since his Reckoning would be coming soon, I remembered hearing the same stories just before mine. I told the young acolyte that I had never seen one, and there was nothing to be concerned about with Light by his side. It seemed like enough to ease the young man, but it got me to thinking if there were really tranquils once again. I almost certainly feared the thought before my Reckoning, and now, I hardly thought about it at all. Surely I would have seen one by now. It just wasn’t the sort of thing anyone talked about that had gone through the reckoning. I brought it up at our minor council meeting today and some also remembered the rumors, some denounced the idea of me even bringing up the heresy of the topic. Experiences are different from everyone’s, I know that having Father Liam, Prefect Leoht, and PatriarchRuger around me has given me a great advantage, especially in asking the questions why, and knowing when they’re not necessary. Where is Father Liam or Prefect Leoht? Is the book of Élan Vital real? And would knowing any of the answers make my faith stronger?

We discussed in the minor council today the acts of a young lady who had been acting out of turn in the dungeon, crying out to the Clerics, of all things, for tougher beasts and challenges. The girl,Liora, was not present and so many of the other Clerics spoke freely, which often times unnerved me that their private thoughts were different from their public ones. They claimed her anger and aggression were not to be suited for the church and she should be cast out before she takes the Reckoning this year. From the reports determined, she sounded more like a warrior than a Lightbearer. It was brought up that the clergy who brought her was mistaken in his choice as well; it was Father Liam. It seemed off. He left almost 9 years ago, and this girl was only 18, meaning in the first year he was away, he was still recruiting students for the church. I voiced my opinion that perhaps she was better suited to be trained as a Templar. After some delineation, and more than a few bouts of approval from female Clerics, the council decided to train her as a Templar. I decided that it was too great of an opportunity to not talk to this girl who may have been the last person to see Father Liam.

When I found the girl a day later she was thrashing about in her room, turning over the modest things that she did have. She finally turned to me, young of face and strong of body, but with eyes that burned like the searing fire of the sun itself. I found myself taking a note from Prefect Leoht and said nothing until the silence was deafening, and she continued to eye me, never leaving eye contact as if she was a wild beast preparing to charge at the slightest flinch. I pulled up a turned of chair and sat. I assumed she had heard the news and this seemed to anger her until finally throwing herself onto the bed, arms crossed, heaving as if needing to chew into something. She was truly a sight to behold, not even Viktor had such rage. She went on to explain that she could pass whatever trial came her way. I assured her that the Reckoning was not a matter of strength, the Clerics could create a trial that rendered her muscles useless, and then where would she be. I told her that she would be happier as a Templar, and she expressed that she felt she had failed. I told her “On the contrary, it is we that have failed you, by not placing you where you can serve the Light the best.” We went on, and I could tell there was a quality of Father Liam that I remember in her. I finally asked the question, where she was from, how Father Liam had found her. She explained that she was from Villamizar on the border of Darmordir, although I pressed her for more information and found she was actually a refugee from Shar, escaping the Black March with her parents she said. She was apparently trying to steal from the Templars, Father Liam included, and he caught her, giving her the ultimatum of joining the monastery or losing her hand. She chose the former. So he was out towards Shar. And that was nearly eight years ago. A foolish endeavor, from which no man would probably ever return. It sounded just like Father Liam.

Santos's Journal - Year 13

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