Sigfried's Journal - Part 2

Well, we have a bead on the undead and I must say that after we tie this up I will have to return to my forest. This group, while I was hoping for a pleasant surprise, seems not only untrusting of one another but very untrusting of me. I suppose it’s no shock. They were afraid to fight but too quiet to speak from the beginning. That’s a preface for a silent death. Either keep your blade or your tongue sharp. The cleric is na├»ve to how evil works and how to deal with it, the duskblade seems directionless and cripplingly apprehensive, the samurai’s soul is without respite. The little one seems to know what he wants, but what he wants is poison – that which drives men mad for love of it, easily beaten, never free. All that gold simply weighs a man down, anchoring him. The girl, the bard, I cannot comment on. Too new to the group but it’s clear the peck covets her as he does a jewel.

Watching some of the others, I see they have agendas too, and mine is not more important than their’s. I suppose though that if they help Ralg and I, I owe it to them to return the favor if they can commit to what they want.

Ralg. This “man” stinks of his own design. He is like a weaker, dumber version of my father. Ironic that I am siding with him now to find the old man, which is where I think this will lead. The enemy of my enemy and all. It follows all the same patterns, except the offering this time may be me. I do not want the others to suffer on my behalf, though. I do not hate them and I will protect them.

Sometimes the appropriate response is stoic acquiescence, sometimes it is not. We’d not have been forced into the caves had we stood up to the guards in the alley behind the inn. We ultimately had to fight them anyway and if the dark bringers had shown up earlier we’d have been fighting on two fronts with no escape. Standing in front of the lifeblood of Majeria, the cleric stood slackjawed. Undoubtedly the duskblade, by accompanying me to the essence well thought he was manipulating me into interacting with the essence to satisfy his own curiosity. Though a man is only a few feet away, he’s not neccesarily standing next to you. I placed my arrow in the bucket not at his suggestion, but at my own desire to learn.

I feel this diplomatic apprehension may cause us to fault in the future. We may rush into something in the future as a result of not properly metering out aggression when necessary. Sort of like bottling up your anger and letting it out at the wrong time.

Note to self: Kill the owner of The Barge Right Inn

Sigfried's Journal - Part 2

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