The Black March

The Black March was the massive army from the West responsible for much of the conflict during The Mage Rebellion. It was comprised of numerous warlords and their followers united under a single banner. The nation of Shar is credited with bringing these factions together. The army’s name came from the black flags the soldiers carried to represent the Essence they sought to replace.

Its formation sprung from the devious plot enacted by the Mages. They purposely began to dry up veins of Essence in the “evil” territories. As the situation grew more and more dire, Mages began to whisper in the ears of the warlords. Knowing their aggressive and power-hungry tendencies the Mages encouraged them to seek out the rich veins in the North and East, across the Spire Mountains. Of course they would need to take them by force so the need to come together for a common cause was of utmost importance. The usually passive Mages promised the nations they would bend the Essence as needed. Some even offered to accompany the army and fight alongside it. The offer was too good to refuse. Moreover, the nations were left with little choice in their eyes. War was the only answer.

Remaining ever-accommodating the Mages even provided a general for the initially disorganized war machine. Lord Cathist, a half-demon blackguard, was tasked with leading the army to victory. He directed the forces until he broke off to chase The Spire in the interest of fulfilling his own secret agenda.

The Black March overtook a majority of the neutral lands to the Southeast and headed as far North as Darmordir in Maccordia. The stalemated battle there left the army somewhat weakened as the neutral territories did an excellent job in eliminating supply lines after the fact.

It was around this time the Mages’ true intentions were revealed. Enraged, the soldiers collectively agreed it was time to head back to their homelands and face the Mages directly in the Holy Lands. The confrontation would never come to pass due to the the Heroes of Crossroad City and the reemergence of the Gods. It mattered little; The Black March set their sites on retribution. The army led the charge against Mages. The rest of Majeria, reeling from war, was content to sit back and let the genocide happen. The Mages fought back ferociously but the vast size of The Black March was too much to overcome. After several years of relentless pursuit 80% of the Mage population was either dead or enslaved; most of the deaths/incarcerations resulting from The Black March’s efforts.

The Black March was formally disbanded five years after The Mage Rebellion. The area it covered allowed Shar to extend its borders past the Spire Mountains. Its overwhelming success has left a somewhat smaller (though no less dangers) version in its place. The once-warring factions saw the value in unity and continue to reap the benefits to this day.

The Black March

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