The Second

The Second is a Mage of great mystery and infamy. His true name is unknown to this day but his title aptly describes his role in The Mage Rebellion. The Second was Robitai’s right-hand fellow and compatriot. The two are credited as the collective masterminds behind the Rebellion. Robitai was the face and the passion of the movement while The Second was cool and cautionary. The two often butted heads on major decisions as Robitai felt The Second was far too reserved.

When Lord Cathist eliminated The Pantheon The Second barely escaped with his life. Ever calculating, the Mage saw the writing on the walls and made a quick escape from the chaos about to erupt. He managed to kill two of The Heroes of Crossroad City on the way out: Vynss Praetor of Wyldshire and the thief Dyson. This final act of treachery firmly ensconced him as a pariah. After the battle in the Holy Lands, The Second seemed to disappear from Majeria. During The Cleansing the Mages who chose to fight back invested great time and effort searching for The Second believing he could act as a savior for them all.

He finally resurfaced some five years into The Cleansing in a very dramatic fashion. He had secretly established a stronghold in the South of Majeria, masking his exploits the entire time. He called out to all the remaining Mages and offered them safe haven. The Second dubbed his creation Magehelm and sealed himself (and any who accepted his invitation) inside, never to be seen again.

Currently there are rumors of activity in and around Magehelm, possibly by order of The Second. Nothing, however, has been confirmed and no sightings of him were reported in conjunction.

The Second

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